Corporate Development

The Greeley-Weld County Airport in early 2004 completed the conduct of a new Airport Master Plan. The master plan is a 20 year planning document, intended to identify the airports future needs through forecasting, and guide the airport towards development of a multi-year capital improvement program. The prior master plan was completed in 1978, with several updates or amendments which were made as recently as 1993. Maintaining a current master plan is a requirement of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order for the airport to remain eligible for federal grant funds.

The Airport Authority went through a process for choosing an airport planning consultant to carry out this project. The firm of Carter & Burgess was picked by the Authority to conduct this project. Carter & Burgess, while headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has its largest satellite office located in Denver. It is from this office that most of the work was performed.

Follow the links below to access different components of the Airport Master Plan. All files are provided in .pdf format.